Re: Re: Expat homelessness on the rise in Spain


Will there be civil unrest in Spain soon? There are lots about British people with illegal houses, which is terrible, and nothing much seems to be being done but there are lots and lots of Spanish people having their homes repossessed and if they are declared bankrupt that means for life, not like so many Brits seem to be doing on other forums by asking if they declare themselves bankrupt and hand the spanish property keys back then they’ll walk away free within a few years. Spanish people, many of them youngsters with families, are losing everything and they’ll never be able to get back on track as they’ll be bankrupt for life. When will the Gov. in Spain change that law?? Why is it not the same amount of time for bankrupty in the whole of the EU? Because everyone always protects the banks, even if they are corrupt and mainly to blame for most of the ‘pain in Spain’.