Re: Re: Eurozone recovery will take a decade.


I do agree with the above post, France is politically an inefficient socialist state and I have always wondered why it works so well.

The answer is the people who have a strong sense of community, conform, work very hard and pay their taxes. France has a very effective tax gathering system. French people are also very inventive, have flair,are well educated and care about what they do.

Generally speaking the French people also feel more empowered than most European states because when they protest in numbers the governments on both sides listens, take notice and acts. Rajoy take note. The population feel they are in control.

France has it’s difficulties but the country should not be seen in the same economic light as the Club Med nations or even the UK.

I have every confidence France will recover much quicker than other troubled states despite being ruled by a rabid socialist. 🙁