Re: Re: Eurozone failure and the Spanish property market.


The coming festive season made me think of some the foreigners living in my street, a Swedish family, with two Finnish families living in the adjoining two houses. The Swedes go home in the summer, but the Fins stay all year round, one family actually comes from Lapland but they don’t want to know about reindeers.

Apart from all of them being giants well over six feet tall, one of the women still swims in her pool (unheated) even at this time of the year. She normally goes into her pool in the early evening and a gaggle of Spanish women always walk along the street at that time to watch the spectacle. I couldn’t even put my toe on the water at this time of year.

Anyway, the turkey, lamb and pork should be arriving tomorrow as the time draws near and there will be thoughts of home on Saturday and Sunday – and today – and tomorrow – and on New Years Eve.

Feliz Navidad!