Re: Re: Eurozone failure and the Spanish property market.


I apologise if my odd turn of phrase caused confusion. I was saying that the French are more prone to public disorder than the rest of Europe, especially the respectable Germans whose demonstrations consist of orderly lines of people blowing whistles, or the Brits who have long hunger marches instead of wishing to cut off their Monarchs heads.

It’s that great variety of the different countries of Europe which has led to the lack of cohesion when it comes to acting together for the collective good. You can’t have a successful common currency if the French retire at 60 and the Brits at 66, increasing upwards as we write.

One in six of us are now going to get the Queen’s telegram, truly frightening statistics for politicians who are struggling to fund the pensions of people dying 20 years earlier.

Off topic? Not really, the Eurozone countries may well be too diverse in their native customs to act together without the national interest getting in the way.

It’s human nature.