Re: Re: Eurozone Dominoes Falling!



Hi Logan, I agree that it is very unlikely for boom days to return for the so called ‘hot overseas property markets’, most of which have been exposed for their hype and lack of standards and regulation. I also don’t think that people have either the disposable money nor ability to get finance as they once had or were able to. Also people are more savvy now thanks to forums like this one and Press/media coverage.

To think it wasn’t long ago that someone started the first of the feeding frenzy property markets (who was the first I wonder) and probably started in Spain, and then copied by all and sundry, there was no normality about it when you now think of it? People went in blind on whatever the sales people told them then.

I can’t think of any major estate agent for example abroad who was ever prosecuted for gross mis-selling, negligence, tax evasion, fraud, non payment of bills, etc, has anyone been sent to prison or deported from these countries? 🙄

Have any of these countries, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Dubai, Thailand and the rest, ever gone after these people, or would that then call into question the taxes and revenues they made out of this business by turning their blind eyes? 😡