Re: Re: Eurozone Dominoes Falling!


Can’t believe I’m saying this Logan, but the other analogy is known as ‘p—ing in the wind’ (for men only), it always blows back in your face, as will this bailout I’m sure 😆

Once the Greeks take to the streets again and complain about their unfair terms compared to Spain’s, they will no doubt form a disorderly Grexit as it is known and the dominoes could start toppling again.

Strange how the founder PIGS, are toppling, just leaves Italy of their members unless Ireland becomes substitute for the ‘I’! 🙄

Presumably this figure will increase dramatically soon 🙄

Yes katy, it’s hilarious really, if only it was a serious matter for Spain, 😆 I can’t believe this fiasco is not seen through by the markets.