Re: Re: Eurozone and World Saved! Ha, Ha!!!


Exactly Chopera!
The way to avoid a default in the EU is to simply call it something else. Who does it fool? Who’s going to pay?
I suspect the ECB will soon be printing money, or rather pushing a key on a keyboard. Result is higher EU inflation, higher interest rates, stronger Euro, lower growth, more unemployment and pain for everyone.
Stop Press:
Sarkozy announces higher business taxes, and higher personal taxation 2012 for French residents. The inevitable claw back has begun.
Now where’s that thread about retirement in the US. Europe is heading for disaster.
The next problem will be Italy despite Berlusconi’s promise to reduce the retirement age.
The fundamental problem for Europe is that there’s not enough growth. Europe’s economies are hopelessly uncompetitive and over regulated.
The solution the EU always thinks will work is more regulation and control over our lives.