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@andymarchant wrote:

The EEAU was formed two years ago to weed out unscrupulous agents from the property industry.

Whilst I applaud any attempt to regulate the real estate agency business here in Spain (the only European country still with no regulation of the industry) forgive me if I’m a little sceptical. Who exactly have you weeded out so far? PM me if necessary. You surely can’t serve two masters. Who do you represent? Estate agents or the house-buying public?

@andymarchant wrote:

every agent has to go through our extensive checking system and sign our code of conduct.

Could you elaborate on your “extensive checking system” – what do you check? Training, qualifications, commissions charged…? Unfortunately any “professional trade body” to which membership is free (according to your website, for Bronze membership) doesn’t, to my mind, enhance the status of members in the eyes of the public or, if it does, it is a false enhancement and therefore potentially dangerous – giving misplaced credibility to an estate agent who has just spent a few minutes filling in your forms in return for which they can publicise their membership of your organisation.

@andymarchant wrote:

Have you had bad dealings with an agent? EEAU member or not, you can report them to the EEAU using our free ‘report an agent’ facility. The EEAU will investigate and if necessary put them on the red pages which is a list of agents who buyers should avoid.

Can’t see any agents listed there as yet. Early days?

@andymarchant wrote:

To the estate agent we are not just another association that issues a certificate, we have a property listing service, offer lots of benefits and add to your companies credibility.

The EEAU offers a Free service to the public and an allegience with property agents.

Unfortunately you don’t do a great deal for your organisation’s credibility with your own poor spelling and grammar. Sorry.