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@hillybilly wrote:

Could you elaborate on your “extensive checking system”.

Don’t think we’re going to get an answer on that one, hillybilly.
(….and I can see I’m going to have to watch my spelling and ‘gramma’ in future…. 😉 ).

I see they are based in Leeds, Yorkshire.
What is it with Yorkshire?

Sorry Mr. Marchant, but your claims remind me of the very industry you say you want to regulate.

As you didn’t answer my previous question, can I ask what you charge REA’s to advertise their properties with you?
All this smacks to me of just a clever con to start yet another property website, with a so-called ‘twist of added credibility’.

How does your office in Leeds possibly hope to regulate the whole of Europe?????
The whole concept is pathetic, and as hillybilly says – will just give misplaced credibility to certain estate agents. There is enough of that around with their own advertisements/exhibition stands…….in bl***y Yorkshire !

Forget Europe, why not start with Yorkshire?
We have ‘one in the bag’ for you already, right on your doorstep (see thread titled “Some UK REA’s as much to blame for deceit?).
There you go. A ‘freebie’.

Your original post just boils down to advertising, despite you using the name ‘Union’. Note all the properties for sale.
Naughty, naughty. Not allowed here……(don’t say a word, Bobsy 😉 ).