Re: Re: Euro – One in seven chance it will be abandoned



Politicians have to much invested into this to do the right thing and end the EMU. The day the EU started to be a club about protecting it’s own backyard it went sour. I know a farmer in Spain that got paid money to dig up his winestocks and reseed it with sunflower by the EU. It was to expensive to be worth the trouble to harvest it so he just let it rot. Winestocks that takes several years to mature. You cant solely blame the french winemakers but it was their lobbyist that made that awesome move go through. When will the EU and their member states learn not to meddle with the markets. They seem to be more interested to help farmers overgrow and then dumping the produce in Africa… ruining their allready ruined states even more.

It should only be a free trade zone with a goal that the nations freely will standardise norms and regulations. And force countries to stop throwing good money at their local troubled non performing markets. We have seen over and over again that it’s the wrong way to go.