Re: Re: Euro – One in seven chance it will be abandoned


To understand fully why the European Union is becoming a federal institution you need to go back to 1988.
Then the EU Commission President Jacques Delors made a speech where he set out his vision of a single European state.
Prior to that most European political policy was directed at trade and the single market. Sovereign nations agreeing treaties to their mutual benefit.
Delors who was a left wing French Christian socialist with a background in banking turned everything on its head when he came clean and announced a federal vision for Europe. Before that they were closet federalists.
A single political entity with one taxation system and a single currency was his vision. European political power transferred to a centralised Brussels.
It was his and his cronies vision. Not the peoples of Europe who to this day have never really been consulted.
What we have today is basically an incomplete part of Delors vision with continuous political pressure to complete it.
After the 1988 speech political sentiment in some EU states, notably Britain began to change. The Conservative Party were pro Europe; the Labour party were against it for ideological reasons. Euro scepticism was born.
Margaret Thatcher protested that the EU as a Federal state was not what Britain signed up for. The labour Party saw political capital and did a ‘volte-face.’
Subsequent political treaties have all had just one single aim. Federalism and a single European state as a counter weight to the power of the USA and China.
Politicians of all colours who have signed up to these treaties knew exactly what they were doing. The Lisbon Treaty being the latest.
Eroding by stealth the democratic rights of the peoples of Europe.
The single currency was introduced as a political weapon in the struggle for federalism. It was not and never can be a sensible economic idea.
We are today witnessing the Euro’s economic failure. That was bound to happen during a severe downturn.
However the Euro will not fail because it’s essentially a political currency not a monetary one.
EU Governments will back the currency with their last shilling to keep their federal dream alive.
The next major EU treaty will likely be the creation of an integrated tax system centralised at Brussels.
It’s at this stage I sincerely hope the current generation of politicians, like the blessed Margaret 😀 will have the courage to say NO and walk away.