Re: Re: Euro – One in seven chance it will be abandoned


I’m sorry to say but every country was a better place before the EU. The EU is something good in theory but the EMU is just a faulty system to begin with. It seems like you cant have a small EU with free trade without it trying to expand itself into some selfevolving organism that is trying to take over the whole of europe and it seems even parts of asia and north africa. EU together with the US are the worst organisations when it comes to price dumpings goods into the third world to totally oblitirate their own markets.

In practise the only positive outcome we have had so far is the removal of transaction costs but except that everything else had gotten worse.

I’m looking at the EU and the EMU effect on the whole of europe and the world when comming to these conclusions.

What about the war in Bosnia? The thousands of riots around europe? Albania basicaly waging war on its on population when they tricked their whole population into a ponzischeme. Treating Iceland like a terrorist nation. The list can go on and on forever. The EU keeping the peace in europe my ass. That we haven’t had large scale wars has nothing to do with the EU but that wars like that are useless these days. Today the members states are waging wars against their own population by going against it’s populations wishes.

In Sweden we voted NO to the EMU even when things where better but our government are still going to force its will onto the voters. All of them being controlled by their hunger for seats in the EU or lobbyists.