Re: Re: Euro – One in seven chance it will be abandoned


In a discussion concerning the Euro, what if the middle of Europe abandoned looking to the west and started looking to the east? Geographically, Russia is part of Europe, the biggest part, and the new Russia is far removed from the Soviet Union so feared by the West.

One third of Germany lived under Russian rule for 45 years, something we in the West hardly understand, and we’ve been subjected to propaganda for all those years which is starting to unravel itself. The dark horse, Poland, might be the key. It’s a large country which can hold its own against anything else in Europe, with a well-trained workforce and emerging economy, but still with strong Russian ties.

I hate to mention it, but if the biggest threat to the western world’s peace and prosperity is Islamic, then an alliance between the middle and eastern part of Europe can deal with it much better than the indiscriminate bombing of small parts of the Arab world instigated by the Americans.