Re: Re: Euro – One in seven chance it will be abandoned



Unfortunately, if you extend that logic, then the UK should be moved across the Atlantic and be parked off New York, rather than snipe at the shores of a German Europe from where it is now.

Sensibly, it isn’t a German Europe, much as the Eurosceptics like to describe it as one, and it’s an insult to the other 25 sovereign members to be described as such. The reality is that with the new members, especially Poland, the Eastern Europeans, and the Baltic states, the EU is now the most powerful union in the western world; and I forgot to mention France, Italy and Spain.

It has the US shaking in its big, cowboy boots.

We, the Europeans, have a benign superpower right on our borders, ready to supply us with all the energy we need, and instead of sending our tankers to Saudi, which could blow up with the rest of the Arab world at any moment, wouldn’t it make sense for them to meet the Russian pipeline at Antwerp?