Re: Re: Euro – One in seven chance it will be abandoned


An independent Scotland is one of those political subjects which never really goes away. Similar to EU membership for the British or should I say England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For the majority of Scots are very pro Europe but hugely nationalistic and proud of their distinct national characteristics.
However the Scottish people are not in favour of an independent Scotland. The last opinion poll conducted on the subject showed only 28% of the population wants independence.
They voted SDP because they trusted Alex Salmon not to begin the independence process without a referendum in the second half of this new Scottish parliament. They also prefer his brand of socialism to Labours.
I think that says something about the country. The people trust their political leaders and the politicians trust the people.
Democracy is supposed to work like that.
‘Tis a pity indeed that it fails so badly elsewhere.
Peterhun is quite correct RBS and the Royal Bank of Scotland are both registered Scottish banks with their headquarters in Edinburgh. The fact that the shareholders and management were/are scattered around the world does not make the banks anything else but Scottish.
Its true in this age of globalism companies are effectively international. However these particular banks have a long Scottish ancestry and tradition.