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Chris M

@casalaloba wrote:

Hola Chris,

Thanks for the reply. Will the conveyancing be carried out by an “in -house” lawyer? What happens if a client wants to employ their own lawyer. Let’s face it, lawyers recommended by the estate agents on the CDS and other Costas hardly have a wonderful reputation!


Hi again James,

We do have the services of an “in house lawyer”. Should the customer / vendor wish to proceed with thier own lawyer that is fine by us, however we will charge the full 1%, our being able to sell at a commission of 2% is conditional upon our also offering and delivering the conveyancing at a standard lawyer rate.

Furthermore, our service in conveyancing is not limited to our being the sole agent for the sale, our service will be applicable if the vendor should sell the property privately or through another agent.

I think what might be important to note here, is that using a lawyer for the sale of a property is not as much a requirement, or shall we say as sophisticated a transaction, as that of purchase.

Most sale conveyancing is very simple, and I would venture that were you to ask 100 Spanish nationals if they would use a lawyer for the sale of their property you would not find many in the affirmative.

As for the reputations of lawyers on the coast, to be really fair, there are literally dozens of excellent law firms, and when buying it is absolutely crucial that a buyer takes up truly independent advice and fully avails himself of a law firms services.