Re: Re: Estate Agents’ Commission


Chris M

@Snowy wrote:

Commission CAN be an academic and meaningless point, as the following actual example will show.
At the beginning of the year a villa in Las Chapas Playa (CDS) was on the market with several agents with asking prices ranging from just under a million Euros to 550,000 Euros – an embarrassingly large difference in anyone’s book. It had been on the web for a long time at figures ranging between these extremities, but was advertised as sold in March/April with the agent who was asking the lower figure.
Just beware….

That is a really good point, and it has been covered extensively elsewhere on the forum as well, if a bit harsh to have a pop at the yourVIVA website specifically when for various reasons that can and does happen with virtually every single agents website, again for a dozen reasons covered in other threads.

Oh for a system like the UK or USA where one vendor listed their property once with one agent. But again that is another issue covered elsewhere, but all the more reason to be practical and analytical out there, and understand yes that instance can and does happen.

Be help Snowy if you gave the exact reference of the property either on the forum or by PM. Thanks Chris.