Re: Re: Estate Agents’ Commission



Commission CAN be an academic and meaningless point, as the following actual example will show.

At the beginning of the year a villa in Las Chapas Playa (CDS) was on the market with several agents with asking prices ranging from just under a million Euros to 550,000 Euros – an embarrassingly large difference in anyone’s book. It had been on the web for a long time at figures ranging between these extremities, but was advertised as sold in March/April with the agent who was asking the lower figure.

The agent who was, AND IS STILL (I’ve no idea why), asking the 1m euro figure is ‘Your Viva’. Even if ‘Your Viva’s’ commission was .00001%, so what? You’d have still paid in the region of half a million Euros too much for the villa if you’d have paid ‘Your Viva’s’ asking price, compared with the actual selling agent who (for all we know) may have been charging 20%!!

Just beware….