Re: Re: Estate Agents’ Commission


Chris M

@angie wrote:

Good job I’m not bashing you as well Chris as in the old days 😉

I think what’s happening here is that people have got long memories of those bad old days with some agents who’ve now gone bust or left Spain! 8)

If there was an emoticon with a black eye and a bandage I would be wearing it from some of our past encounters Angie, but you know you are one of the most straightforward and hit em on the nose posters, and I have learned to get more out, rather than fight back ❗

I agree with what you think here, and believe have always said I am due my share of criticism and don’t mind being accountable, not having been perfect – but I don’t want to take it on the chin for everyone – no.

But hey the forum has been a bit quiet of late and not too controversial, combative or downright dirty, so as long as you will have me here, I will stay!

And suffer the odd throbbing nose!