Re: Re: Estate Agents’ Commission


phildarcy –
Welcome to the forum. I know it’s your first post here but don’t feel shy about asking any questions you may have. 🙂

Surely most people, if they want to see where businesses are actually ‘run from’, would simply Google the company name to bring up their website and in Viva’s case note that at the bottom of the ‘visit us’ page is a picture of a rather huge-looking office.

Only someone who doesn’t quite understand how things work would think that the address registered at Companies House reflects where a business is actually ‘run from’.

As you’re someone so obviously keen on openness, how about filling in your location and occupation on your forum data.
While you’re at it, you could tell us all your home address – or perhaps you are of the opinion that it isn’t any of our business? If so, I hazzard a guess that Chris might agree with you.