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Chris M

@Snowy wrote:

Chris , re: your above post, have sent you a pm

Hi Snowy,

Thanks for the PM and the details, the guys found the listing – thanks!

It is not however their listing it is one of another agency, however they would probably have had it in on the site twice, both with the actual agency that did sell it, and the one that did not, and obviously the latter still does not know that it was sold, and therefore has not taken it off their own system, which is why it will probably be appearing on perhaps 100 websites. Not just the one you refer to.

Impossible to say though at this time what the actual selling agency had it promoted as before an offer was accepted as you say much lower. Eeeehhh…. confused so am I.

As pointed out earlier, this shared scenario can be a nightmare in these circumstances, and has often been discussed on the forum about all agents and their sites, firstly the search criteria is confusing as agents often don’t like to reveal where their listings actually are, and secondly because vendors don’t stay in touch with their agents and certainly vice versa, and everyone including the people I know and work with are sometimes guilty of that.

But to clarify, you are bang on to point it out as being on the website in question, but in mitigation it was not their listing, and worse it seems the agent who has had it remained as a listing; apparently lists properties that are not their own, but those from other agents of another software system on the shared web platform as if it were there listing – bizarrely then it may have even been the actual selling agent’s listing – who knows!

However, the guys I know and you referred to, have now instructed that not just this property be removed from their website overnight, but in fact all listings that are from that particular agency.

You were entirely correct in your statements, but again I don’t think that the situation is unique to the one agency you mention, in fact I think it is as I say common to hundreds of websites, but it is really valuable that you point it out, and where you have all the facts on your side, there are mitagating or explanation factors as to why such things occur to all and not just the agency you highlight.

So they have been hit by a stick you had the right end of but perhaps a bit harsh to take the punishment alone for the whole class, as not all the information was available.

Again, would that it were the case that each agent were responsible for listing and promoting “exclusive” listings but for another dozen or so oft discussed reasons it has never been possible, and when I asked why this agency does not just put up on the website its own listings as they have by far the biggest single portfolio, they said “because, then the smallest back bedroom agency actually appears bigger when they show 10,000 properties in their search rather than just their own half dozen, how is a person supposed to know”.

However, I know the website is being revamped and rebuilt and by the end of the year they will be displaying a big search showing all the agents listings, and then individual searches showing their own, the reduced, the latest, the preferred, the individual areas etc, so to try and combat this kind of confusion and create more transparency. Your view, only makes that more necessary and urgent, so they don’t get (rightly) beaten up for things that are not actually their listings or fault.

Like I said eeeehhh, who needs this confusion and again, I just wish it was like the UK or USA models.

But I don’t think Gary should avoid Agents just try and understand them within his overall basket of options.

Thanks again Snowy for coming back to me. And Jeeze I hope I have explained this right.