Re: Re: Estate Agents’ Commission


Chris M

@man in Marbella wrote:

Is this the same Chris McCarthy that claimed on this board that he was nothing to do with Viva anymore? ❓

Jeeze that would probably be me, but I don’t think I ever made the claim as you state it, actually the reverse, and whilst I am a tad uncomfortable having to talk about this for reasons of commercial posting etc and because I don’t actually think individual companies should ever be talked about by name, let me qualify what I think I said previously, and / or what would be accurate at this time and before:

I have no official involvement at this time – no, but I am certainly doing everything I can to help, work with, advise and encourage a whole bunch of people I worked with for more than a decade – yes. That is my choice and I am really up for doing what I can to help privately and personally. I just love the Costa and although I spend half my time in the UK, I am back and forth so always involved here in a whole heap of things, and as long as the guys in different areas and companies need some of my time, they can have it freely and unofficially.

It is too long and detailed, involved and actually private to say why I would have no official involvement, or would want to at this time, but rest assured I do my best and am entirely open and transparent about it all. And as you can see from this forum I am far from invisible, and have no reason to be anything other than entirely open about this.

So… on the subject of Snowy’s comment about a certain listing by a certain company, I asked the guys about this, and they don’t recognise the case, I asked Snowy for a reference number but none has come back yet, the guys don’t follow SPI at all, in fact they think my involvement here is a bit “nuts” sometimes – but what do they know, I enjoy it – and they think Snowy has perhaps got the wrong end of the stick really, or is misinformed elsewhere, which again happens a lot when people talk about things that they think they know all about, but perhaps actually do not, which is why again, I don’t think company names should ever really be involved, cos if someone does have the wrong end of the information, then it is a bit unfair no?

But if Snowy wants to add a bit more proof to the pudding the guys are really up for investigating that, for now they are as bemused as Snowy with regard to the circumstances outlined and actually would like their name deleted / edited if Snowy would do so from the post, but that is up to Snowy.

Hope that answers your question on me and Snowy’s comment about a company that may have been misrepresented here.