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Outside of London, house prices are now falling throughout the UK. Communist propaganda? No – from the Mail!

The report highlights the gulf between the capital’s property market, where prices have reached an all-time high, and the rest of the UK, where they are falling by up to 16.5 per cent a year.

Prices need to fall before the economy can recover, so maybe that is a good sign!

According to Halifax Uk houses increased in April.

Could be good for Spanish house sales as many of the British buying did it through releasing equity in their UK home

Currently the only sensible reason for getting a Spanish mortgage seems to be that you can offset the cost against rental income. If the threats against holiday home rentals come to fruition, there will be no reason not to re-mortgage in the UK. For a start, the interest rates are cheaper, the set-up fees are lower, many people will have more equity in their houses in the UK, and there will be no money lost converting mortgage payments to Euro.