Re: Re: End of austerity?



I understand your thinking Mark behind your 2nd para re inflation impact on savings and bonds etc.

Long term, property is a good investment, it has been for us in the UK but there are big differences compared to Spain not least supply and demand. At the moment I believe capital is safer and profitability greater in UK housing with lower transaction costs to boot 😉 Plus less Eurozone concerns to worry about!

If Spain announced radical and speedy measures such as: halving transaction costs for a couple of years, regulating all agents and developers with bans and fines for those that don’t comply, fast-track court procedures, the end of ‘B’ money deals with property, all properties to be sold with full legal title (no more grey areas), better construction and guarantees, views guaranteed, demolition of unfinished illegal builds, what else, I expect there’s more, then this would send a signal out to prospective buyers? 🙄

That said, two thirds of Spain’s unsold available homes need to be shifted first somehow, but how and when that will happen is unknown 😕 🙄