Re: Re: End of austerity?


@angie wrote:

That’s fine mg, I picked up on it because I don’t think anyone really knows what’s happening with the market in Spain. I appreciate that properties are cheap enough to start selling again, but then we also hear that they might fall further which makes it risky, and, as others sometimes say ‘you can’t wait forever’ 🙄

I think it really depends on why people are buying. If there are hoping to use the property as some sort of investment, then the current cost is really important. The last thing you would need is for your property to go down so much in value that to break even would take 20 years. However, if you are looking for a place to live, and it is at a cost you can afford, it matters less what happens to property prices.

From the reading I’ve been doing, it seems that in many places, particularly amongst the financial gurus who are supposed to know something, the general consensus is that there is still another 10-15% to be lopped of property prices. The only people who are disagreeing are the Estate Agents. No surprise there. However, the confusing thing is that there are pockets of resistance to the downward trend, so it is difficult to come to a universal conclusion.

From my point of view there are so many properties available that being too slow to pick up one that I like doesn’t matter. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.