Re: Re: Electricity costs to rise by 3.2pc starting in August


Interesting Mark ! Obviously a desperate Government with a massive deficit trying to balance its books. This electricity deficit wherever it comes from must be due to falling revenues because of un -occupied properties. They do not seem to get rthe message that they are shooting themselves in the foot. Is there nobody in the Spanish intelligentsia that cannot get hold of these stupid bureaucrats and politicians and give them a good tongue lashing ! But seriously once again I do not understand what this new ‘decree’ entails -If I were to import a solar powered ‘shed light ‘ to light my living room dimly in the evenings -indeed I am looking for a stronger one ! -but never mind- do I have to ‘register’ for the tax or only if I sack Iberdola and tell them to stuff their monthly ‘potencia’ charge Indeed this monstrosity of an ‘erection’ charge is an imposition in itself particularly now I notice their subsidiary Scottish Power in UK has now introduced a NO STANDING CHARGE Tariff too as well as SSE. I read you have to pay a fine and you can be ‘cut off from the grid ‘ well what does this mean -if you are solar powered you don’t use the Grid for heavens sake -I know in UK you can have installations that supply power to the National Grid for which you get paid . Do they have this in Spain and this is what its all about. However I find it bizarre that if you do without an electricity supply they can charge you to use THE SUN – They will next charge us for using bottled water and having a pee in the garden maybe ?