Re: Re: Electricity costs to rise by 3.2pc starting in August


I think solar power will be the only solution. Low users are already stitched up with the standing charge. Maybe change the fridge for a gas one and you can run the rest TV DVD player lap top lighting on quite a small panel -an inverter and a storage battery.Ideally if you have space design it to enable you to tell Endessa and Iberdrola to get lost.Much easier if you live in the south or in Canarias where you have enough sunshine not to worry Gas prices will rise but a least its bottled and you only pay for what you use. I noticed in Maplins yesterday for £4.99 a solar shower kit which was a black polystyrene bag with fittings that you leave in sun 3 hrs then ready for use ! Bit crude but sure improved versions would be very practical ! I am not sure exactly how the extra charge for low users will work -this is confusing -I already pay the full potencia charge throughoutb the year . I was not aware that perhaps some users have been getting away with being charged this for part of the year up till now ? What is the 50% fixed tarrif ? Is it a unit charge that includes the potencia charge -if so that would be cheaper for low users.Does it mean the dual tariff for day and night will be consolidated into a single tarrif -that is bad news if so.Muy informacion por favor. In UK we have been going the otherway this year -no standing charge tarrifs are hard to find . My bill with EON would have virtually doubled but got a no standing charge tariff with Ebico that works with SSE that is very good for me being away from UK winter months -as long as it lasts.