Re: Re: Electricity costs to rise by 3.2pc starting in August


Seems we now have a potencia 13.8…..used to be 13.2 ….. So even that has increased.!!!

Had to have a potencia this high because together with all the other normal electric appliances ( plus jacuzzi, pop up irrigation system) we have ducted aircon/ heating which, because of the size of the units, is very efficient so only really need to use for short periods of time in July/August and Jan/Feb. Unless of course family are here when it is on constantly together with electric hair straighteners,curlers and dryers etc. you name it …it is switched on…..
With a mere 5.5 the fuses would be tripping constantly.

However when we compare bills with friends who use oil, gas and wood as well the overall costs are comparable and at least electricity is a clean fuel.

Fear not ptr, sans visitors, the remaining bills are at least € 100 less.