Re: Re: Electricity costs to rise by 3.2pc starting in August


Well I think readers will be able to draw their own conclusions from these threads but I thought that the writer who said that their bills had been cut in half using the off peak electricity in the dual tarrif- its good to get information from people who actually have property in Spain not people in UK who are saboteurs:. something I have been writing about from time to time for at least two years..I have to say I was put on a tarrif by Endesa originally that was the most expensive thinking I knew nothing speaking then not a lot of Spanish so I changed company to Iberdrola on principle and learned about the alternative tarrifs. The TUR single or dual tarrif is set by the Government so it is sure to be the same with either company and that is probably all you need. It is possible if you are a very high user that there may be an offer in the ‘liberalised tarrifs both these companies have that for competitive reasons vary-and might be competitive-just a thought. Yes a solar shower I am sure the Hacienda cannot charge you for using -unlike solar- electric panels . Yes you can have water sports in the garden or on your patio ‘tax free’ at the end of a hot day !