Re: Re: Electricity costs to rise by 3.2pc starting in August


‘Luvly Jubbly’ blooming heck that dates you 😆 btw why do I need help from a £6 bag from Maplins for solar water, we have it with a properly installed system and super boiler? 😆

Out of interest when you have house guests visit your Canary Island dream, do you ask them to take plastic bottles to fill up from the sea each time they want to use the facilities? It conjures up an image of camping a bit, maybe rougher 🙄

Africa is Africa, Canaries are islands you know, somewhat detached and Northerly to be called African, and for guaranteed hot sunny weather you need to go further South to Gambia and Senegal, been there, not a drop of rain in 2 weeks during UK Winter time. 8)

As katy says, tropical is where you can swim all year round 8) not visited El Caribe katy, is that P. Rico? 🙄