Re: Re: Electricity costs to rise by 3.2pc starting in August


@Ptr What a sad man you are, making outlandish statements that people ‘couldn’t afford a bedsit in a Benidorm back street’, (you make things up as you go along) yet you admit you walk to the beach in the Canaries to collect plastic bottles of sea water to flush your loo (desperate times) have a bath or shower at certain times to save money, advising people to make a solar shower out of a plastic bag, (whatever next? 😯 ) desperately trying to live as cheaply as possible, what a life you lead? 😆

Then you pretend the Atlantic sea is always warm around the Canaries for swimming, trying to convince katy of that, why, are you stuck with your little ‘pied a terre’ there hoping to sell one day? 🙄

Then you have the cheek to call Mark a masochist for telling the truth 😡

Grow up, and act your pensionable age :mrgreen: