Re: Re: El Soto de Marbella


@blackberryway wrote:

I was one of the buyers at Marbella Hill View GJ. Yes, there were delays and quality issues but over the years the Community has put most things right and it’s a very pleasant place to visit and live.

Viva Estates took everyone to the cleaners with this development and took advantage of the Developer as well as their clients. They added on a massive 40k per apartment for their own fees and sold all but one off plan. Quite a successful venture for VIVA!!!

I am really glad you persisted and ended up with what I have always thought of as an attractive area. It must have been a hard fight which cost a fortune as well as heartache.
I guess many others walked away and lost their deposits.

They sold it off plan easily by lying that it would be the same as the original El Soto just next door.

I know this because they sold them to staff that also fell for the pitch.