Re: Re: Eatate agent gran canaria


I have heard this one is OK. They advertise in the free English publication Canary News and if its the firm of lawyers who publish the advice column(Rivero y Mendoza) in that publication they should be OK. .Surprised you ask as you say you have already ‘bought’ ie paid and taken possession Remember to get the Escritura -the Deeds. In UK a solicitor does this including registering at the Land Registry-there is a 30 days priority period after you sign and pay at the Notary important and consider changing the locks if you are not .going to stay in occupation until it is confirmed registered in your names. In GC they can leave it to the Agent to do – make sure you know ! My apartment was previously tenanted and when it hadn’t been done within the time I had to lay it on the line and it was done.(.Please note I am not qualified to give advice)