Re: Re: Eatate agent gran canaria



Possibly Katy we were a a little severe. Some postulations. There are good agents and good lawyers that will work together have fine reputations. Maybe you have dealt with such before. So might we say -its important to know who you are dealing with when you go to a different country to find out about them from others discreetly and to keep your ears to the ground. Is it possible as things maybe improve that some Agents will think they can go back to the same old ways ? Some people will know them if they still trade and will be eager to do what was done in the past and so what we wrote- they will just laugh!. Having said that -the essence of the matter is that a lawyer is acting for you the purchaser -and that means you have an agreement with the lawyer as to what he does protects you from mal-practice and you pay the fee not the agent. . Sometimes companies in the UK in the boom would have promotions in various locations with fixed prices for properties with an in house procedure and it was perfectly legal and customers were ok. What I am saying is wheras experienced people with on-going activity in the market and who know the ropes will know what they are doing -it is much more important for new buyers to be extra careful wherever it is in Spanish territory because its less regulated than in UK where we have National Conditions of Sale we have an alert media newspapers and TV with programmes like rogue traders etc. In particular be careful if asked to pay any money for a Reservation Contract by an agent -always seek advice from someone you trust.