Re: Re: Easier Small Business Bureaucracy



As the most law abiding/respecting citizens get caught out with some laws which even if one employ a gestor. How can one confirm that he/she has comp[lied with all the laws ?.

People, whose houses were demolished had complied with the laws, had used a lawyers to ensure this happened. It for this reasons that Spaniards either don’t bother or ignore silly rules/regulations. I know many Spanish businesses in London and they will never start a business in Spain. Considering that it is their country, language, culture , contacts, family support etc.

There has to be a 80% purge on bureaucracy and a whole generation to retire before it can have any impact. The people who have been the cogs of bureaucracy for decades what are going to do & how will they support their families. .

The size of Spanish bureaucracy means that besides the Doctors, Nurses,fire fighters etc This will add a very large % to the already high unemployment statistics.