Re: Re: Drop Em’

Villan wrote:
Sorry to go against the tide here but I’ve been looking at buying a property in the Canary’s now for over 12 months now. I personally have not witnessed any crash. Developers still want the original price for properties “no room for negotiation”. Private sellers are refusing to drop the price on properties that have been on the market for some time and estate agents continue to put properties on the market based on the values apportioned to properties that are not selling. I’m not looking to cash in but the fear of a crash has made me wary of dipping my toe into the (warm) water!

I am also following the Fuerteventura and Tenerife markets (as I know quite well these 2 islands).

In Fuerteventura there were some decreases for the new builds (for example a 3 bedroom villa in Corralejo went down from 320K Euros to 240K Euros). I have also seen the add for a 2 bedroom villa for 125K somewhere on the West Coast.

But it is true, the prices are not decreasing in general yet. They will, no worry about that.