Re: RE: Drakan



Hi Drakan,

thanks for your reply. The problem being is that I have already paid 40% down payment. Just to remind you, my property was one that was seized in the white whale operation. The judge is now allowing completions but however I now do not want to complete because the flat is extremely poorly built and also is not finished. If I completed I would probably have to pay out of my own money to get it finished e.g garden laid etc. I also do not want to give any more money to criminals. I think the whole thing was a scam between the developer, agent and lawyer although would be very hard to prove.

I understand your point about there must be a penalty to pull out which I am agreement with. But even if I got half of the money back that I paid then this wouldn’t be as bad as losing all of it.

Can I ask then by paying the 40% so far does that mean in Spanish law that I gave my verbal mandate? If not then do you think that I may have a case to bring to the Malaga Law Society that:
1) I never gave my lawyer my permission to sign on my behalf to such unfavourable conditions.
2) My lawyer did not act in my best interests?