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This was the blurb from the developer or selling agent prior to the banks price

I would certainly NOT suggest buying for investment and renting. There are very few clients looking to rent ANYWHERE IN SPAIN

If you know the area have a good job like an off shore oil worker or can earn a living from the net and want to live in the sun full time then you have little to lose.

I would not buy as a holiday home unless you don’t mind spending alot of money on holidays and have the friends and family to make use of it.

I would not buy to rent but there is a bit of a paradox:

– if the property is in a bloc of flats without garden and pool, the price is lower, the community fees are much lower but the probability to rent the apartment as holiday lettings is almost zero. It is also quite hard to believe than one can enjoy such holiday for 10+ years.

– if the property has garden, pools, etc. the price is higher and the community fees are much higher but it is much easier to enjoy such holiday for many years in a row…

I guess the best is to enjoy properties with pool and garden when renting them from somebody else…

Sorry I am totally lost again

I’m afraid this post is drivel even making allowances for the fact that english is not your FIRST language.

Once again points scoring seems to be the agenda does it not Angie

I am also totally lost.

So what if English is not my first language?