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GJWUM, Garry James why the vitriol towards different posters on here, you constantly accuse people of having an ‘agenda’ when they are pointing out the alternatives to buying, I’m not sure if we are agreeing with you on the one hand hand or disagreeing on the other because you’re getting confusing seriously 🙄 If you explain yourself as to what the point is you are making on different topics maybe we can understand you more.

I think you’ll find that most posters here do in fact sympathise with those people who are in negative equity or have lost their money buying in Spain, and same posters don’t want the same fate to befall others, hence the warnings, and therein lies the suggestion to ‘rent before you buy’ under various topics including this one headed ‘Does any other market exhibit this madness!’

You will also recall that several of those you attack including me did in fact sympathise with you when you said you’d lost everything. The statement from you that ‘it used to be a fantastic life in the sun for many of us’ was when you worked for an agent and that was when much of the mis-selling was going on, is that why it was so fantastic? Many of those the agents sold to are the same people who’ve lost so much! 🙄

Garry, I have to ask ‘do you have an agenda?’

Previously I asked you out of interest who you worked for on the Coast which you declined to answer, you once appeared to be castigating V–a for El Soto selling, so assume it wasn’t them, was it ADH? 🙄

I don’t know why it is so important to you, but I have nothing to hide I worked for Viva for a number of years.

If you read all my posts ON THIS THREAD you will see consistency in saying the bank reductions were making the market dysfunctional.
I object to being miss quoted especially when its deliberate to score a point.

I will always pull posters up when they post things blatantly SILLY especially when not thought through or lacking in knowledge of the market

I know the Costa del Sol and have personally visited most urbanizations there. I don’t believe there is anyone CURRENTLY posting (not previous posters) have any real knowledge of the property market there.

Hi Gj,

what about these prices:

Are they OK?

Thank you.

Sorry I cant say as I have never been to them, however to quote myself

They are not that clever they are just taking 75% off the original price. If that price was far too high in the first place then the reduced price will not be a bargain.