Re: Re: Does any other market exhibit this madness!


I think it’s you who consistently misses the point of others posts GJ.

Long term renting was suggested by me as the best way to enjoy a holiday home in Spain and a far better alternative to buying a property. Threads on forums are dynamic and subjects change with debate.

If you look back at all my posting since I joined this forum you will see I have consistently tried to expose the Spanish property market for what it really is. ie: a source of revenue for the Spanish state, corrupt politicians, spiv agents and developers and unscrupulous banks. I do this from a position of long experience.

There are many alternatives to enjoying Spain and what the country has to offer besides risking capital and individuals personal financial futures. I believe that message is getting to a few but judging by the posters on here it’s only a minority. There are so many powerful forces at work out there punting the other message and will always win in the end.