Re: Re: Does any other market exhibit this madness!


I really can’t see London prices (talking below the multi-million sector) increasing, and many sources are predicting a correction as prices are too high. But it’s just an opinion, same as buying in Istanbul would be an opinion – it so happens that my better half’s sister already has a property there. Who knows what can happen in the future? Turkey is part of the MIST group (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey) who are tipped to overhaul the BRICS as the best place to invest. We do know someone who moved to Turkey to teach English a couple of years back, and has already done well enough to buy their home. We also know quite a few small businessmen in Istanbul via family connections, and they’ve all thrived over the last few years. I personally would be wary of the place (and not just because of proximity to ME war zones), but it doesn’t make the place an economic disaster – in fact, it’s had quite decent growth over recent years. The UK (or Spain) hasn’t.