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Their are thousands of unlet properties on the Costas…they can’t rent them at any price. Like winning the lottery getting a tenant, there just aren’t any punters.

Stevie where did you pull that from that London houses aren’t selling…they are selling like hot cakes in the South east…I should know, sold one the first week on the market. Finding one is a problem, either being outbidded or not moving fast enough.

Where did I pull that?
Simple – my partner’s sister. She’s been trying to sell her place all year to go back to Istanbul (believe it or not she sees more opportunity there than in London). Been unable to do so, so is reverting to renting it out, as rental demand is still good, and she may try again to sell in a year’s time if demand recovers. A bit surprising as Islington is often an area where city types look to live, but I understand there have been redundancies in the City this year.

She must be asking waaay too much 😆 Probably done her a good turn though…wo would sell in london to buy in istanbul 😆 😆