Re: Re: Do they now something we don’t



Rahoyi says he will consider carefully what the ECB plan to offer if his country were to apply for FSF assistance . There has been some rumours in UK press that some Spanish Govt circles favour Euro exit. There is another opinion that suggests this might be a tool for driving a hard bargain with the ECB. Is Spain better in or out ? Not so easy to answer -it would affect different people in different circumstances in different ways. No-one can be sure that pressure from speculators could bring down the Euro. But it is clearly not fair that due to speculation Spain has to pay exhorbitantly for funds. But I really question whether the Spanish Government have an ear to the ground and hear much of the kind of changes that are needed in Spain -some expressed on this site -and if they are really motivated -a Conservative Party as they are to really change anything about the way they do things. Indeed why should the Spanish not carry on in their own sweet way and go back to the peseta. It is only outside influence and outside money that that caused the massive property boom -that changed their country – maybe Spain is entitled to be Spain and pay back what they owe without being stitched up ?