Re: Re: do these figures add up?

Fuengi (Andrew)

@chilly wrote:

am i wrong in assuming that the pound is down by at least 20% on the euro?

if this is the case, then any seller wishing to come back to the UK could afford to sell their property for 20% less than they bought it for and still break even when converting back to sterling (give or take when you take transfer fees into account)

so why are so many sellers so reluctant to budge on their inflated price??

GREED methinks.

well yes it is greed. we all want as much as possible for our properties.
For the brits moving back to the britain they have got the option of selling cheaper than a year ago. May 2007 1€ = 0.66 GBP, this may it was 1€ = 0.79 GBP.
If a brits has had the property on the market for a year they do have the option of dropping their asking price, or at least be more open to offers.
We’ve used this tactic a few times quite successfully.

Just to generalise a bit here. Most brits I’ve spoke to about this, had not even thought about taking advantage of the exchange rates. So i’ll blame the agencies for not informing their clients about it.