Re: Re: Do the Spanish hate the British expats?



The Spanish do not hate the Brits or anyone else for that matter. Of course hate is a very strong word. The Brits are known to be reserve and the Spaniard along with other nationailties are aware of this.

Further if you move into a new Country wheter is in UK or another Country. It is always better for the new commer to make the move. Fuengi did the right thing of making the first intiative & has been richly rewarded from what I read. Racism of course exist every where in form or another, an indiviual has to rise above it. In order to rise above it is vital to know one self have confidence about oneself and one’s background..

On the property front as said above the majority of the properties bought by Brits on the CDS or CB, were built as second homes with overseas buyers as their market. The Spaniards were never going to be the main buyers for personal &/or main occupation.

Spaniards, like to live close to family & friends, they like to fall out of the bed & go down for coffee, shopping, cinema, etc. I cannot see Spaniard living in the far flung places where the Brits buy.