Re: Re: Do the Spanish hate the British expats?



@katy wrote:

You can scoff all you want…how old are you 14 đŸ™„

I stand by what I said and I could write a book on British peoples experiences. Don’t need to though, the forums are full of stories. My Husband worked at the CDS hospital and I could tell you a bit about the attitudes of some staff there too.

I’m not denying what you said about British peoples’ experiences. I have no reason to doubt you and agree that cases such as the Prior’s are disgraceful. The problem is that you used what you have read on forums to make a generalisation about the Spanish people being very xenophobic. All of them. Including your friends and family, and mine, and those of other forum posters.

It’s easily done and no doubt in moments of frustration I’m sure I have made similar comments about the “Spanish being such and such”, “the French being like this”, “the British like that”, etc, and I would have left it if it wasn’t for the obvious (and rather amusing) hypocrisy in your comment, and the fact that writing such things on forums tends to perpetuate the very thing you are being critical of. So I gave you the chance to clarify what you wrote (which I thought was quite generous considering your agression towards other posters) but you stood by it and in return resorted to your usual aggression. My mistake, I thought all these judgements you made of people based on nationality, which part of London they live in, etc was just banter. It seems I was wrong.