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Fuengi (Andrew)

@jakesuper wrote:

Do the Spanish hate the British expats? I read on another forum that a British expat encountered some hostility from the local spanish. This is what she said “A Spanish chap told us that he and his fellow countrymen were sick of the Brits and other expats because they had come into their country and caused the property prices to rise to such a degree that their children couldnt afford to buy themselves homes anymore. He wanted us to all go back to our own countries so that property would fall in price again. Seems he’s got his wish!”

Do the spanish generally blame the British expats for forcing house prices to ridiculous levels such that the Spanish cannot afford to buy them? Are the British expats loathed and hated in Spain?

no they are not. But I can see why some brits feel this way.
At the school my children go to, in the first year of school my partner was told by several of the english mums (majority spanish school) that the spanish mothers were racists and their children do not get invited to the birthday parties, etc…. My daughters birthday was at the beginning of the school year, and she joined the 5 year old class (start at 4). So because she was new, I did the sensible thing and invited the entire class to the birthday. My girls (and us) are included in all the parties, events, etc…
Another couple Swedish/Ghanaian were told they were going to have ‘problems’ at the school with their son. Amazingly by trying to learn Spanish and be involved with the other parents, they been included in near everything.
I find racism to be an easy excuse in many cases.

Regarding property prices. Its how you look at it. Many people on the Costa del Sol are pushed out of the market because of higher prices due to the demand for second homes, compared to other areas of Spain. So I can appreciate how if you were born in the area and tourists (whether from Spain or abroad) are helping maintain (or at least soften the falls) prices it could be frustrating.
But then I here single people complaining that its unfair that it is easier for couple to find properties within their budget (2 income) and get financing from a bank!

And of course, racism & stupidity and traits that are found everywhere unfortunately.