Re: Re: Do the Spanish hate the British expats?

Fuengi (Andrew)

@katy wrote:

Weren’t many illegal properties sold to Spaniards though. Racism is institutionalised in Spain be it as in the case of the Priors where their house was demolished and the larger villa next door belonging to a Spaniard still stands! At the lesser scale the funcionarios who often reply to valid complaints such as having no water, child bullying, blocking an entrance gate with the stock phrase If you don’t like it go back to your own country Something that would be a sackable offence in the UK.

Put all the silly childish photos on you want but there is lots of complaints around the British forums and there is lots of racist comments around the Spanish forums. On a positive note the Spanish dislike the Gypsies more than they dislike the British :mrgreen:

🙄 Of course there is a lot of racism in Spain. Not many illegal properties were sold to Spanish because they could read the documents presented to them and did not use a lawyer ( 😉 )
I notice the other villas of the Foreigners around the Prioers are also left standing. Must mean the Spanish were only targeting the brits then.

Yes there are a lot of complaints about racism on british forums. Look how easy it is to find blatantly racist comments about the Spanish on this forum, where most forum users appear to be British. So based on this most brits interested in Spain, are quite racist. But when anyone points this out they become part of the ‘pc brigade’.

I personally think that Many (not all or even the majority) don’t realise how many do the exact same things in Spain as many minorities do in the UK. And then wonder why the majority don’t accept them.
Anyone on this forum ever talk to a Brit who has gone back to the UK on holiday and has complained about ‘all the foreigners’, ‘no-one speaks english anymore’, etc… Yet they live in their little ‘enclave’, do not speak spanish, etc…