Re: Re: Do the Spanish hate the British expats?


@katy wrote:

The spanish are very Xenophobic. There are cases of bullying foreign kids all over the forums. Silly to pretend they welcome foreigners with open arms. The only ones that do are the spanish who earn money from residential tourism. Many spanish earnt a lot of money selling 20,000 slums to the British for 100,000 during the boom….the spaniards did it all themselves, they can’t complain now!

The British were priced out of the British property market because of rising prices in Britain and so came to Spain in the hope of make a killing in Spain but the Spanish could see the British home buyers coming a mile away and knowing that the British leave their brains at Gatwick airport the Spanish could fleece the Brits for every penny they had and fleeced they were. The Spanish knew full well that the Brits were used to paying high prices for property in the UK and the Spanish created the illusion that Spain was a country where high property prices were the norm by saying what a progressive and ultra-modern country Spain has become when in reality it was just the same old facist corrupt cesspit that it has always been but the Brits couldn’t see this reality after becoming intoxicated on all that cheap sangria.

Properties that should have cost only 20,000 euros were sold for 100,000 euros which makes it a 400% increase. Now that the crash is well under way those properties that were sold for 100,000 euros will revert back to being worth just 20,000 euros which amounts to a 80% fall in prices. The Brits have been taken for a ride and the Spanish are having a laugh knowing that they can now buy back the same properties that they sold them for 80% less than what they sold them for, buying them for the original price they bought them for in the first place.