Re: Re: Disappearing Phone Credit


I am aware that PAYG if you do not use it for six months or so you for go your credit irrespective of the amount, including the telephone number that had been alocated to you. The same applies in Italy. I had not come accross extracting a few €’s every month. I took this as a thread on the subject as to being taken for a ride by the telephone company. Most of the forum users felt it was ok for the telephone company to do so.

I had decided long time ago that I will not get another sim card & not to mention the photo copy of passport etc and use mu UK phone. At least if I going to be ripped of by some one it should a provider who I have a contract & provides me with a service/product round the year.

The only pain is I get a welcome message within a few minutes/hours of landing which is worrying as I am mostly on the motor way and it distracts my concentration.